Premium Quality Color Changing Night Light For Kids

The night light is ideal for a baby's or kid's bedroom and for decorating weddings, birthdays, and other parties. It is a great romantic night lamp and decorative light.

Let Kids Fall into it and Sleep Calm.

Multiple Safe Ways to Get the Power.

Starry Sky Night Light Projector

This is a new popular cosmos Star Projector lamp, it can help you put the universe back home, fill your room with stars and moonlight, so that you feel as if you were laying under the stars! Give your baby a piece of the sky changes color, without need for hard to find the field, enjoy the colorful starry light with your kids and let them close to the starry sky, helping to develop their talent and creativity.

Star Projector

Make room full of stars and moon, kids will sleep sweetly in starry sky. The vivid starry sky helps to develop kid's talent and creativity. As a gift for your kids and turn it on - Kids are first awestruck by this fantastic display and then clapping and cheering are sure to follow!

Warm Night Light

The best night light for children to keep them feeling safe at night. Comes with a removable plastic white cover, you can make it worked as a night light, let the children no longer fear the darkness of the night, and let you rest in peace.

Great Gift for Kids

Create a wonderful and starry atmosphere for children, which help them to know difference colors and stimulate their curiosity, imagination and creativity.

Part Decoration

Ideal product for decorating wedding, birthday and parties. As a romantic night lamp and decoration light, How great it is! It can give you very romantic night, full of poetic.